Sunflower Hearts and Peanut Bird Feeder


The sight of birds hungrily pecking their way through the food you’ve put out for them is always something that lifts the spirits. This fabulous feeder is designed so that even the small birds get their share. You can fill it with sunflower hearts, or load it up with peanuts that visiting wild birds, and their young, can eat safely.

Ideal for sunflower seeds and peanuts, this Sunflower Hearts Feeder is a great way to attract even the smallest wild birds to your garden.

What makes this hanging bird feeder so good?

Its diamond-shaped mesh design means that the bigger birds can’t steal all the nuts leaving your littlest winged visitors hungry. It has a carbon steel fitted lid and base which has been designed to let rain water drain away, while the powder-coated mesh and stainless steel handle are robust with no sharp edges. The whole thing is rust resistant and can be hung outside all year round.

Because the birds have to peck the sunflower hearts and peanuts into small pieces to fit them through the mesh, that minimises the risk to their chicks. Baby birds can choke on nuts so they shouldn’t be put whole on bird tables.

Where shall I put my bird feeder?

You should hang your Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts Feeder on top of a tall thin pole that cats can’t climb, at least a couple of metres away from trees and bushes so that predators can’t hide in the hope of catching your feathered friends.

How can I help the wild birds stay healthy?

Make sure you clean and disinfect all your wild bird feeders regularly so the flocks of visitors stay fit and well. Empty away any uneaten food so it can’t accumulate at the bottom of the mesh tube.

Once you’ve established a bird feeding routine, stick with it. They’ll learn to look out for fresh supplies of food and water and come to rely on you. You can learn more about what to feed birds safely on the Johnston & Jeff website or from the RSPB.

Can I buy more wildlife products for my garden?

We have a great range of healthy food and feeders, as well as homes for wildlife available, suitable for year-round use and for creatures of all shapes and sizes. Take a look here.