Sunflower Hearts for birds – 2kg bag


These tasty, nutritious Sunflower Hearts will bring wild birds of all varieties flocking to your garden. The seeds have already been de-husked so the birds don’t need to waste time and energy removing the shells, and they’ve been cleaned to 99.9% purity as part of the manufacturing process so there are no nasty bugs.

All birds love Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts. They’re not only tasty but are a great source of protein and are rich in natural oils. We love these high quality bird food products too. It’s the attention to detail which means your wild bird visitors are getting the best food available.

What makes this wild bird feed so good?

These Sunflower Hearts are bakery-grade kernels produced from black oil sunflower seeds. That’s one of the best varieties because it contains higher levels of oil and energy than other more basic brands. They also provide the whole kernels, not just bits, and every seed has been scrupulously de-husked.

That’s good news for your feathered friends as it means they don’t have to waste valuable energy picking off the shells of the seeds and throwing away the bits they can’t eat. It’s also safer for them. They can simply tuck in and get the nutrition they need, without being constantly on the lookout for predators as they try to eat.

How do I feed the birds with these sunflower hearts?

You can put Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts straight on to your bird table, but we also love the Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts Feeder. It can be hung safely out of reach of cats, has a strong metal mesh design, and it’s suitable for feeding peanuts safely too. Make sure you clean and disinfect your bird tables and feeders regularly to ensure they’re ok for the birds to eat from.

Can I buy more products to help my local wildlife?

We also have a great range of houses for birds, bats, bugs and hedgehogs so you can attract so many different wildlife species to your garden. Have a look at what’s on offer here.

How can I learn more about what to feed the birds?

The RSPB has loads of advice for the best things to feed your local bird population. They actively urge you to do so as so many wildlife habitats and food sources have been affected by development and changes to farming practices. Take a look at their useful guide, or get more information from Johnston & Jeff here.