Tim- Woolly Felted Monkey – handcrafted and fairtrade


Tim the woolly felted monkey would make a fun addition to any home! The cheeky chap is even holding a banana!

All our woolly felted animals are hand made in Nepal using 100% natural materials.

The workers are paid a fair wage and use a technique passed down through generations.

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Tim the cheeky woolly felted monkey would be a fun addition to any room of the house.

All the animals in our woolly felted dangle collection have been ethically sourced, are made of 100% natural materials ( just wool and natural dyes), and have been hand crafted.

Each woolly monkey has their own personality, this is because they are handmade and so, individual – each has very subtle differences so the dangle you will receive is completely unique!


Woolly felted monkey? Great, but how can we help real monkeys?

Monkeys generally tend to inhabit tropical rain forests, or other jungle habitat. One of the best ways we can help these wonderful animals is by preserving their homes!

Deforestation is one of the biggest threats to rain forests. Deforestation often occurs to make way for palm trees or land for livestock, but also for paper and other wood products too!

One way we can help reduce the rate of rain forest deforestation is to shop conscientiously.

For example – only by palm oil free products – or products that come from responsibly sourced palm!

Reduce your consumption of beef – or purchase local, ethically raised meat!

Go paperless if you can – or again purchase ethically sourced paper, or recycled paper if possible!

Deforestation is one of the biggest contributors to global warming too. We can help offset this by planting trees and reusing and recycling where possible! Here at chimney sheep we’re carbon offsetting by planting a woodland right here in the Lake District !