Tweedy Dangly Owl 9cm x 10cm


These hand made owls will alert you to the fact that there is a sheep up your chimney in a resolutely cheerful manner.

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The hand-made tweedy dangly owl is just adorable! They add charm and a touch of comedy wherever you want to hang them – whether in the fireplace or anywhere around the home. There are four different types, and all of them have a piece of tweed incorporated somewhere. They also have a range of different fabrics, colours and stitching patterns. We will do a lucky dip and choose one at random for you. They are all splendid.

These owls are fairly traded – they are bought from small scale producers who use largely natural materials and traditional techniques to produce beautiful and interesting articles.

All Chimney Sheeps come with a “perma-dangle” to remind you that the chimney is blocked, but a tweedy dangly owl with its little feet treading air will ensure the fire is never lit with a sheep-and-owl combo in situ.