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Wheat Fibre Bio-Plastic Spade

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Wheat Fibre Bio-Plastic Spade


Our bio-plastic spade is made from wheat fibre, using agricultural waste. The wheat fibre is transformed into our strong, reusable and recyclable spade!

Get digging at the beach or planting in the garden. This lightweight scoop with a small handle is great for little hands. It’s compact enough to fit into beach bags and backpacks – it can be taken anywhere and is tough enough to withstand hours of digging fun!

The bio-plastic spade is available in 6 colours; eggshell green, lavender purple, meadow green, ocean blue, honey yellow and cherry red.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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Tell me more about the wheat fibre bio-plastic spade

This bio-plastic spade is made from wheat straw, repurposing agricultural waste. It’s a great alternative to plastic and is much better for the planet! Not only do we love how eco-friendly the wheat fibre bio-plastic spade is, but we also love the visible specs of wheat scattered throughout – it gives it a much more earthly character.

Dig holes down at the beach, use it to collect sand for building amazing sand castles or get your little one to help you with planting seeds. The bio-plastic spade is compact enough to take anywhere.

We’ve got them in a fun range of colours that match our lovely silicone buckets and flyers in our ‘Go Outside’ range. Why not take a look at the full range here.

So why use wheat fibre bio-plastic?

As you might know, we stock a lot of recycled plastic goods. We advocate “closing the loop”, creating demand for the plastic items we carefully separate out into the recycling. There’s only any point to this if we buy recycled goods afterwards.

But, wheat fibre bio-plastic isn’t plastic at all. It looks like plastic (with a few charming flecks of straw in it), smells like plastic, behaves like plastic. It’s strong, durable, perfect for little hands to grip. It’s ideal for digging, damming, planting, scooping. But it’s much more environmentally friendly to our planet than plastic.


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