White Wire Butterfly (17cm x 17cm)


These dainty butterflies suspend as if hovering, and look great in a dark fireplace. The handmade butterfly would look great in any room, not just in a fireplace.

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When there’s no fire to lighten up your fireplace, how about brightening the room with a lovely handmade beaded dangle? Our quirky collection has been created to add a little charm to your chimney breast. And not only are these handmade fireplace accessories guaranteed to cheer up a dark and disused hearth, they also act as an handy reminded that your Chimney Sheep draught excluder is still in place.

Ranging from Herdwick sheep to butterflies, each fireplace dangle has been handmade in various locations around the world. Our Herdwick dangle , for example, is delicately crafted in the Kwazulu Natal Region of South Africa and are fairly traded to support people from unprivileged communities. As well as the Herdwick fireplace dangles (10cm x 7.5cm), you can also choose from:

  • Heart shaped dangle (16cm x 14cm)
  • White butterfly dangle (17cm x 17cm)
  • White flower dangle (29cm x 28cm)

How do I attach a fireplace dangle to my Chimney Sheep?

To hang a beaded wire dangle from your Chimney Sheep, simply undo the attached ball chain and loop it through the ring on its back. The shaped beaded wire will then dangle happily in its new home.

Even though there’s no need to worry about your wool chimney draught excluder catching fire – due to the naturally retardant properties of a Herdwick sheep’s fleece – it’s always important to know when your fireplace isn’t quite ready to be lit. And remember, the handmade decorations would look great in any room, not just in a fireplace.