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Wild Bird Selection Pack

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Wild Bird Selection Pack


Our Wild Bird Selection Pack is perfect for the bird lovers in your life from avid ornithologists to your loved ones who just enjoy watching the birds out of their kitchen window of a morning.

This box is full to the brim of wild bird wonder with everything you need to keep your local bird population happy and healthy throughout the year, including nesting materials and food!

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What does the Wild Bird Selection Pack include?

Each Wild Bird Selection Pack contains:


Can you tell me a bit more about each of the products in the Wild Bird Selection Pack?

  • Multi-nester bird boxThis bird nest box is a versatile “multi-nester” design, suitable for a range of bird species. It has a 30mm diameter opening that makes it suitable for most tit species, sparrows, nuthatches, redstarts and flycatchers. To make it even more versatile the top panel can be removed to convert it into an open-fronted nest box making it suitable for robins, blackbirds, wrens, and wagtails. The bird box has been made in the UK and is constructed of FSC-approved, sustainable 15mm thick European redwood which has been treated with a non-toxic water-based stain to increase its longevity. It will provide an insulated shelter for birds for many years to come.
  • Bird nest woolif you’ve ever seen a bird’s nest you will know that they are beautiful structures with the body of the nest carefully woven together then lined with soft materials like moss, feathers and wool. Providing a bag of wool gives them a ready supply of nest lining material and encourages them to use the bird box. You can put the wool into a wire mesh bird feeder for the birds to peck bits out and line their nests with or just dot it around your garden and let them discover it.
  • High energy fat ballsthese delicious High Energy Fat Balls are SUCH a treat for all your feathered garden friends. They contain everything a wild bird needs to stay fit and healthy including good fats, natural minerals, protein and fibre. There are no cheap bulking agents and are made to a purity level of 99.9% to ensure no contamination with fungal toxins. Just pop them into the fat ball feeder included in this pack or crumble them onto a bird table and watch the birds flock. The fat balls are packaged in a greaseproof brown paper bag and are not wrapped in plastic net bags which means they are completely plastic-free!
  • Hammertone fat ball feederour hammertone hanging fat ball feeder is a really good quality bird feeder and is a great way to attract all sorts of so birds to your garden. Fat balls are a great source of nutrition, full of lots of healthy vitamins, minerals fats and proteins to keep them nice and healthy. Sturdy, rust-proof and made of cast metal, this attractive feeder is designed to last a long time. It fits 5-6 of our fat balls to ensure your garden birds are well fed! You can also put our nesting wool in the feeders for them to peck away at and use to build their nests!


Why should we be helping our wild birds?

It’s a sad fact that birds are declining in number in the UK, even species that we consider to be relatively common. According to the RSPB, changes in farming practices and land use have played a major part in this as it has resulted in a reduction in the habitat areas for our wild birds. This has affected the amount of food available to them and has reduced the number of suitable breeding sites. They’re pretty clever at finding secret out of the way places but these are becoming scarcer.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important that we provide them with nesting places and food!

The RSPB website has loads of advice available about what you need to provide birds with if you wanted to do some extra reading! We also have a great blog post on how to help birds survive in the winter.


Who would this gift box be appropriate for?

Anyone who loves birds in their garden. Even someone that isn’t a bird lover (yet!) but has a great space to welcome them be that garden, balcony, or allotment! The sight of wild birds pecking away is always bound to lift the spirits.

We also have a Gardeners’ Selection Pack which is perfect for the avid gardeners in your life!


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