Wildflower seed balls – pack of 8


Seed balls are a great way of rejuvenating barren spaces that have the potential to support wildflowers. Nature is pretty good at colonising unused spaces but sometimes needs a helping hand. Seeds need to be distributed by wind or wildlife from other nearby localities. If there isn’t an easy route in for wildflower seeds then we can help things along. Protecting seeds in seed balls means they are more likely to stay put until the right conditions for germination. The mixture of clay and humus will give the germinating seed enough soil to give the roots purchase, and protect the seeds from predators like mice and voles. And it’s fun! Find your inner guerrilla with these seed bombs! Chuck them wherever you see the need for seed.

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Brighten the world around you with seed balls! The mixture of clay and soil preserves the seeds in perfect conditions to burst into life when they are lobbed into barren areas that could do with seeding with wildflowers. On contact with rainwater the clay-and-soil mix will soften, the seeds will germinate, and within a few weeks the space will transform into a beautiful space for wildlife.

The seed balls contain marigold, cornflower, poppy, sunflower and mallow seeds. These hardy wildflowers will attract bees and butterflies, and turn neglected areas into mini nature havens.

Simply chuck them where you want them to grow. The success of the seeds will depend a bit on the soil they land on, so try to throw them somewhere that looks like it will support wild flowers if given the chance.

It’s best to launch the seed balls between March and June, when they stand the best chance of germinating and growing.

These are made and packaged in Germany but full English instructions are provided. Not that you need much instruction on how to throw a seed ball. If you’re a budding German learner then it’s a great opportunity to practice. And if you know a budding German learner then it’s a great educational gift as well as an eco one.

Ingredients: Clay powder, humus and soil mix (approved for organic gardening) bee-friendly organically approved seeds

Guerrilla gardening is great but every guerrilla must take responsibility for his or her actions when taking action in public spaces.

pack of eight seed bombs withimage of junior guerrilla gardener