Woolly Felted Bee – handcrafted and fairtrade


This smiling little Woolly Felted Bee might just be the cheery touch your home needs.

It’s made of 100% natural materials, and has been hand crafted in Nepal by workers paid a fair wage.

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This Woolly Felted Bee has the biggest happy smile! It’s sure to bring a cheery touch to any room in your house.

All our Woolly Felted Animals are made of 100% sheep’s wool and have been dyed using natural dye

Each Woolly Felted Bee has been handmade in Nepal by workers paid a fair wage for their time

Every Woolly Felted Animal is a little unique – this is because they are entirely hand-made.


So why a Woolly Felted Bee?

Here at Chimney Sheep we think bees are awesome! They pollinate so many plants – we couldn’t live with out them!

The Felted Bee was chosen because we love bees and we think having products to show our love for bees is very important! We have a whole range of bee friendly products! Check out our seedbombs for lovely native wildflowers – or our insect hotel which could house some lone honey bees for the winter! All our gardening products are 100% natural too – so there’s no insecticides that could harm the wonderful bees in your garden.

We’ve even recently purchased some land which will be kept wildlife friendly . We are going to plant over 9000 trees in our field, this will lower our carbon footprint and give nature an area to thrive! This should help benefit our local bees because there’s lots of lovely plants and wildflowers!

There are lots of things you can do at home to help your local bees:

Plant wildflowers and create a wildlife patch

Don’t use chemical insecticides as these can poison bees.

Try out an insect hotel to help the lone bees in your area.

Purchase only sustainably sourced honey (from providers that don’t harm bees) – preferably local !

Eat organic food – promote the use of farms that don’t use pesticides!

Bee infestation? Call a local bee keeper they’ll take them away and look after them!

Why not become a bee keeper yourself ?

And many more