Woolly Felted Flippo – handcrafted and fairtrade


A Flippo is a creature of optimism and luck. I mean, if pigs flying is an unusual and rare event then how unusual must it be to have a hippo flying? It has a confident yet non-arrogant smile and vivid blue eyes. Our Woolly Felted Flippo will bring a touch of fun to any home. A flying hippo with flippers ?

It’s made of 100% natural materials.

All our Woolly Felted Animals are hand made in Nepal by workers paid a fair wage for their time.

The Flippo is proud to qualify as a Plastic Free Present.

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This Woolly Felted Flippo would be a fun addition to any to home. It is a hippo with flippers after all!

All our Woolly Felted animals are made from 100% sheep’s wool – and are completely natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

Each Woolly Felted Flippo is a little bit unique because they’re all handcrafted.

Why choose a Woolly Felted Animal?

Chimney Sheep has a huge range of dangles on offer – perfect for any fireplace.

Ranging from sustainably sourced iridescent tin and copper animals, hand painted metal hearts, iron rooster, iron birds and wire flowers.

The Woolly felted animal collection contains some of our cutest dangles – they represent all kinds of different creatures (some mythical) and our love for animals and the environment.

Every single felted animal is made from 100% sheep’s wool and natural dyes, they’re all hand-made and created carefully by Fairtrade workers.

The uses of wool felt are endless, but these felted animals are definitely a creative use !


What other wool products do you have available?

Wool is becoming more popular these days. This might be because it has many brilliant properties and is sustainable!

We currently have available :

The Chimney Sheep – our main product is made from 100% Herdwick wool!

Our Garden Felt – Is made from UK wool backed onto a jute carrier – a brilliant weed suppresser and mulcher

Our Door Draught Excluders – They’re filled with off cuts of our Chimney Sheep  – they have a 100% wool filler

Our Felt Shillies – These are small off cuts of our Chimney Sheep too – perfect for mulching!

Our Snug Feet – our herdwick wool boot insoles are like walking on wool carpet!

Our Garden Kneeler – Is filled with UK wool pieces – to provide a brilliant springy cushion for your knees


If you’d like to read up on some of the cool properties wool – check out this!