Woolly Felted ZZFox – handcrafted and fairtrade


This cheery Woolly Felted Fox would bring a little splash of colour to any home.

Our Woolly Felted Fox has been handcrafted by a small group of workers in Nepal, where each worker is paid a fair wage for their time !

All the materials and dyes used to produce our Woolly Felted Animals are 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable.

He has a cool and foxy demeanour and of course he is a Plastic Free Present.

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Our Woolly Felted Fox really is a cheerful splash of colour! His tufty white patches give him a slightly beardy appearance. His Chimney Sheep nickname is ZZ Fox. I’m putting in a link to explain the reference because the more youthful among the team didn’t have a clue what the grown ups were on about.

This beautiful , handcrafted woollen animal would light up any fireplace!

All our woolly felted animals are handmade by workers in Nepal, using 100% natural, compostable and sustainable materials.

This Woolly Felted Fox is made of 100% sustainable sheep’s wool that is felted by hand, using a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Each animal is a little bit unique – but this is just because each one has been carefully crafted by hand.


How can I bring wildlife closer to home ?

All this talk of Woolly Felted Foxes really gets us thinking about wildlife – and how we can help it out. Here at Chimney Sheep we offer a range of natural gardening products that can help transform your garden into a wildlife haven.

Our Insect Hotel is a fantastic way of bringing useful wildlife back to your garden! It’s designed for useful insects such as bumblebees, honey bees and beetles – which will help pollinate a wide variety of plants.

Want more wildflowers ? Check out our seedbombs they contain lots of beautiful wildflowers – perfect if you want to attract more bees and butterflies.

Want to plant more flowers and bushes ? Try the Kokoblock peat free compost it’s the perfect medium for planting!

The more plants you have in your garden the better – different plants attract different animals. So it’s a good idea to have a variety of flowers, vines and bushes in your garden.

Here’s a great article on growing your own wildlife patch!