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Woolly Felted Octopus- handcrafted and fairtrade

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Woolly Felted Octopus- handcrafted and fairtrade


This lovely Woolly Felted Octopus would be a cheerful addition to any home. Made from 100% felted wool in Nepal – by workers paid a fair wage.

All the material and dyes used to make this product are 100% biodegradable, natural and compostable making this dangle a lovely eco-friendly feature!

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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The Chimney Sheep Woolly Felted Octopus might just be the bright touch your fireplace needs!

All our woolly felted animals have been sourced with sustainability in mind.

All our woolly felted dangles are made from 100% sheep’s wool.

Each animal is handmade by workers in Nepal who are paid a fair wage for their time.

The technique used to make these animals has been passed down through generations.

Because every animal is handmade – each is a little unique – so your Woolly Felted Octopus will be one of a kind!

So, your Woolly Felted Octopus and other products are eco-friendly, but what else are you doing to help the planet?

Here at Chimney Sheep we try to keep our products as eco friendly as possible! Whether that be by using biodegradable packaging for our parcels or minimising our waste by reusing it. But we have taken another step! Chimney Sheep has recently acquired a seven acre piece of land which will be used to offset our carbon output! The land is to be used exclusively for tree planting – we plant over 9000 trees in the coming years, which will save enough carbon to power a car for over 26,000 miles per year.

We are planting native trees – including maple, willow, walnut, ash and the rare black poplar!

This will bring new wildlife to the area as well as helping to absorb some of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere!


What steps can we take at home to help the environment?

The list here is endless, we could go on and on and on! But here’s a list of 50 !

Here at Chimney Sheep we have a passion for helping the environment – our main product after all is the Chimney Sheep energy saving draught excluder – made from natural and sustainable materials. Did you know it can save up to 250kg of carbon per year, per chimney blocked?

Here we would definitely say – reducing energy consumption should be at the top of your list – whether it be by lowering the heating, swapping out to energy saving lightbulbs or by fitting a Chimney Sheep!

You could even help bring important wildlife, such as bees, back to your garden by using an insect hotel like this one !

Or why not try composting your biodegradable waste ? It’s better than buying peat!







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