Woolly Felted Penguin- handcrafted and fairtrade


Isn’t our Woolly Felted Penguin cute! He’s even got little skis, and would look fantastic hung up anywhere in your home!

All the materials used in our Woolly Felted animals are 100% natural including the dyes.

They are all hand made by worker in Nepal who are paid a fair wage for their time!

This cute little penguin is a Plastic Free Present.

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This cute Woolly Felted Penguin – on skis -would look fantastic in anywhere in your home!

It’s made from 100% sheep’s wool and is completely natural.

Each Woolly Felted Animal in the range is handmade by workers in Nepal, using a technique passed down from generation to generation.

All our Woolly Felted animals are a little bit unique , so yours will be one of a kind!


The Woolly Felted Penguin, Okay! But how can we help real penguins?

Penguins are one of the worlds favourite animals , they feature in films, documentaries and posters all over the planet.

But five species of penguin are classed as endangered , while another seven are classed as vulnerable.


Why is that ?

Penguins are very susceptible to change in climate, so with the current rate of global warming many of their habitats are under threat.

Oil spills are also capable of killing thousands of penguins at once – with an average of almost two large scale oil spills per year, that’s a lot of penguins in danger.

Over fishing and irresponsible fishing is also a big factor – we’re fishing too much and injuring penguins in the process, they’re competing with us for food every day.

Ocean Plastic! There’s a lot of plastic in the ocean that is physically harming penguins, it’s in their food and all over their environment!


So how can we help ?

Single use plastics! If you can – don’t buy it – and when you do reuse and recycle!

Fish! Buy line caught where possible – and always try for sustainably sourced .

Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint! Global warming is a huge threat to penguins – by recycling, using the car less , buying local and using energy saving products such as the Chimney Sheep can all help reduce your carbon output.

Buy sustainable! Where possible make sustainable purchases – visit your local green grocers or second hand store, buy locally sourced produce, and locally made products – support local!

If you want more ideas on how to help the penguins check out this link on supporting penguins