Woolly felted Sheep – handcrafted and fairtrade


Here at Chimney Sheep we love all things wool! Our woolly felted sheep is just another great example of this natural products great versatility.

This happy little sheep is hand made in Nepal by workers paid a fair wage for their time.

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We finally have our own woolly felted sheep dangle! It may not be a Herdwick – but we do have a woolly sheep to add to our fantastic collection of dangles.

This sheep dangle has been been produced ethically, using only natural materials and dyes.

Each individual woolly sheep has been handcrafted by workers in Nepal, using a technique that has been passed down through generations.

This means each sheep is unique and individual!


Okay, the woolly felted sheep is cool. But what about real sheep?

Here’s some fun facts about sheep :

There are over 1 billion sheep in the world!

Even though you see sheep everywhere here in the UK, China actually has the largest number of sheep worldwide!

The wool of some domestic sheep breeds – such as merino, will just keep growing. That’s why it’s important to shear sheep! Check out the story of Chris the sheep here for a real life example.

Sheep have rectangular pupils – so they have 270 degree vision.

Sheep wool has amazing properties some amazing properties, for example :

  • It’s naturally fire retardant.
  • It’s naturally antimicrobial.
  • It’s a fantastic insulator ( sound and heat).
  • It’s a brilliant draught stopper ( we use it in our own chimney sheep).
  • It’s 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • It absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde!
  • It’s hydroscopic and can absorb loads of water!