Refund Policy

If you’re not sure about how well your Chimney Sheep fits, try it out in its plastic first. You can puncture holes in the plastic and thread the rods in, but remember to take the plastic off if it’s a good fit. If the Chimney Sheep itself is clean and not sooty then we’ll be happy to refund or exchange it. It’s best to do this within 28 days of buying it but if it’s outside this period we’ll sort it for you if you ask us nicely. Please drop us an email or call us on 01900 269427, and when you send it back put in a note saying whether you want a refund or exchange, along with the order details.

We will refund the cost of the product but not the postage cost. We don’t pay for products to be returned (unless they’re faulty) but if you’re exchanging it then we’ll pay the postage to send the replacement out to you.

If you’re sending back a large one with card in the middle please don’t fold it. Either send it back completely flat via MyHermes or put it in a box packed in with a gentle curve so the product won’t fold. Once the cardboard is folded it sort of flaps and loses all the central support and rigidity so we can’t resell it.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products but if there is a fault with anything then we are happy to rectify it / exchange it / refund it. However please do make sure you’ve measured your chimney properly because just occasionally customers blame the sheep when in fact it’s their measuring or choosing skills that have caused the problem. For example, if a chimney opening measures 12″ x 20″, then a 12″ x 20″ Chimney Sheep won’t fit the gap. It would fall out, and that wouldn’t be the sheep’s fault (the 14″ x 24″ Chimney Sheep would be perfect in this instance). It’s worth investing that bit of time to make sure you’ve got the measurements and sheep selection right.

I’m sorry but if your Chimney Sheep is sooty we can’t take it back. Try vacuuming it or washing it and selling it on eBay. That’s what we used to do but it’s a bit of a faff and we like to sell nice new ones.