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Extension Rod

Extension Rod

This comes in 6” / 150mm lengths. It’s important that you can see the end of the handle, or at least the perma-dangle hanging at the top of the fireplace. The person who put the Chimney Sheep™ in is not necessarily the person who will be lighting the next fire, so it’s important to have a reminder that it is in place. 

All Chimney Sheeps come with a handle and one rod - if you need extra rods these just thread on. It's best not to add more than two rods though - after that the pole gets a bit wobbly and is difficult to manoeuvre it into position. If the narrow part is higher than 60cm then get in touch and we'll see what we can advise. Usually a larger sheep lower down is the best option, or if you need to reach a bit higher up the chimney to fit it, make sure you have a longer length on the reminder tag so it is still visible. 


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