Ray, Cockermouth

“We have two Chimney Sheeps of different sizes to suit each of our open fireplaces. It is only on special occasions or in really cold weather that we ever have both fires in operation so at least one Chimney Sheep is in place to prevent warm air disappearing up the chimney throughout the winter. We …

Jackie, Cockermouth

“It’s made a noticeable difference in stopping cold wind from blowing down the chimney, we have started using the room a lot more now”

Hugh, Glasgow

“Hi Sally, The sheep arrived safe and well on Wednesday. It only took a few minutes to fit and fits perfectly in the chimney. It is already making a difference and the room is much warmer. Thanks again for your assistance and best wishes for the future of your business. Kind regards”

Andy, Hampshire

“Many thanks for the quick dispatch of my Chimney Sheep and your personal note. It was delivered safely today and was fitted in a few minutes. You were right about the flexibility of the extension rods – but the narrow section of our chimney is a long way up and required 3 extra rods! It …


“This is a baahgain! Just rammed it up the chimney and hey presto, no more being fleeced by the energy companies! Seriously, it’s a really good design, and so much easier to use than a balloon. Thoroughly recommended as long as you have the right size chimney.”

Greg, Keswick

“With the Sheep in place the room is noticeably warmer. If I take it out to light the fire, there is a noticeable up-draught of air sucked up through the chimney – you can really feel it. Worrying to think of that amount of air being drawn out of the chimney all the time before …

Jane & Ian, Bassenthwaite

“We have been using a Chimney Sheep in two of our holiday cottages for nine months now. The guests like to use the open fire at all times of the year. The Chimney Sheep has been removed and reinserted by all who used it, and has generated a lot of interest. It is difficult to …

Ruth, Cockermouth

“Our chimney is capped, but a lot of dust and old mortar falls down the chimney. The Sheep makes sure the fireplace stays clean.”

Bob & Diedre, Keswick

“We have used the chimney sheep both in our house and in our holiday cottages. The concept of a wool product to insulate a chimney we found intriguing and wonderfully simple. Firstly we found it effective and it stopped unpleasant draughts in our windy part of the world. Secondly we immediately noticed the difference in …

Gwen, Cheshire

“Hi Sally, my chimney sheep was received last week, installed the same day and is doing a grand job. Just what I had been trying to dream up for years. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and neighbours. Thanks for your prompt service.”