Brilliant, and thanks once again for all your help. Above and beyond, absolutely sterling customer service. Louise


These were well received last week and are now installed.  They are very pleasing. NB:  also pleasing to our cat, which thinks the Chimney Sheep material is the best cat-bed ever. Kind regards Michael


We installed an open fire with a fire basket to enjoy the glow of occasional warm fires in the evening – however we noticed during the summer months that a draught comes down the chimney so we looked for some way of sealing off the chimney through the summer months and came across the Chimney …


My chimney is 100m from the sea in East Yorkshire, also exposed. I could feel the warm air being sucked-up the chimney when the fire wasn’t lit (when I have to do inconvenient things like going to work). My chimney sheep is now a member of the family – and the most fiscally responsible as …


I purchased our chimney sweep from your good self about three weeks ago. We live 100 meters from the sea at St.Bees where we are very exposed to all sorts of extreme weather. Our sheep has been an absolute revelation, performing way above our expectations. Thank you so much from a much cosier home. Steve


I’ve received the chimney sheep :-) super fast service!  Muchos gracias! Ed


The sheep arrived safely thank you and is now fully snuggled in to our rather large chimney. Already we are warmer! Thought you might like to add our review to your website. There’s nothing woolly about the instructions, baahring anything unexpected, ewe just Ram it up the chimney to stop being fleeced by the energy …


Thanks for my chimney sheep,  it’s been installed and we can feel the difference already! Many thanks  Dave


We have been so impressed with our chimney sheep, it has saved us money on our gas bill, kept our sitting room so much warmer and has stopped the doors rattling when it’s windy. Lastly for me it has kept out some of the massive spiders that seem to come down the chimney! I loathe …


It arrived this morning n is already making a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!why oh why didn’t I buy this 24 years ago when we bought this house??!!  I had heating on this morning n then turned it off at lunchtime. Temperature hasn’t fallen in room since then. Usually I’d have seen a four degree drop or more …