Thanks for the note with my recently delivered chimney sheep regarding the long rod flexibility. I did have a problem installing it as it requires a degree of force (the throat is 11inches square for a 15inch round chimney sheep). Also, the slopes into the throat are different on each side as the chimney is …


Sally, just to say a huge thank you for getting our four lovely sheep in the post for the weekend! They arrived on Saturday in time to be put in place before our visitors arrived. I had one in our spare bedroom, and a little girl on a mattress on the floor right next to …


Hi I just wanted to add a testimonial to your already long list. The chimney sheep is a stroke of genius. Thank you! I’ve been using a homemade wood and foam version for the last decade, so wasn’t sure if your product would be much different. How pleasantly surprised am I? The wind is howling, …


Just wanted to thank you for sorting out the next size up sheep for me. The room is notably warmer now, I have high hopes (well low, really!) for the next heating bill! Many thanks


Hello I just wanted to say thank you for my excellent chimney sheep. We have an enormous knocked out fire place in the basement, next to our kitchen, that used to suck all the heat out of the room. We got a 14 x 36 chimney sheep which has revolutionised the whole area. Our rather …


Crumbs – well impressed, arrived Christmas Eve. Installed and making a real difference.


I received my chimney sheep a few weeks ago and wanted to say ‘thanks’ and it works a treat…no draught coming down the chimney. Great idea and so simple…well done for a great product.


Just to say I love my n b f – Everytime I go into my lounge I laugh at the thought of a sheep up the chimney – especially one with a chicken hanging on to his tail! (By the way it really works kept out the howling winds last night) Great idea


Just a line to thank you for your efficient and friendly service. The excluder was delivered on Saturday and fitted by my son in law on Sunday in a very few minutes.

D Brown

Super fast delivery, great item that works perfectly.