John and Lesley

Thank you for sending our chimney sheep, we have only just installed it because of plastering works with all its dust. It fits perfectly and the cat is now breathing a sigh of relief that she is no longer under threat (she is very long furred) Herdys are some of our favourite sheep when walking …


I just want to say thank you very much, our house is so much cosier these days :-) We have a rental property which urgently needs chimney sheep too so I will be ordering more from you soon!

Hilary and Richard

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with your product. It has eliminated many draughts from our lounge. We highly recommend it.

P Morley

What a difference! It was easy to place in the chimney, and it has kept us warm over 2 winters. We have not had any need to take it out of the chimney and it has sat where placed through all the very high winds and what a difference to the heat in the room. …