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Our original and best-selling product, a Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping heat in and cold draughts out. Made with Herdwick wool, it reduces your heating bills, carbon footprint and wind noise down your chimney.

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With every purchase you make at Chimney Sheep, a proportion of the profits go towards our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, which surprise surprise, buys land and plants trees! It helps us help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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Make small, easy, environmentally sustainable changes to your lifestyle with our selection of Eco Products. From laundry to gardening and everything in between, you’ll be living a little ‘greener’ in no time!

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People love Chimney Sheep

Thought you might like to see the more than good bit as I’ve just popped the cover over the line and it looks fabulous . It’s a great colour for gardens as it blends in and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb as the previous company’s cover did.
No rain forecast but plenty of juvenile raucous Starlings !

Would just like to thank you for our very amiable and co-operative Chimney Sheep who went up the chimney without protest! She was very well made and eweser-friendly (sorry!)

Many thanks for her quick and efficient despatch!

Kind regards,

Michael Jacques

- Michael Jacques

“Our chimney is capped, but a lot of dust and old mortar falls down the chimney. The Sheep makes sure the fireplace stays clean.”

- Ruth, Cockermouth

Thank you the parcel arrived safely and is nicely installed in my chimney – great product!

- Lesleyann

We have been so impressed with our chimney sheep, it has saved us money on our gas bill, kept our sitting room so much warmer and has stopped the doors rattling when it’s windy. Lastly for me it has kept out some of the massive spiders that seem to come down the chimney! I loathe them and since the sheep has been in the chimney we have had far fewer so that’s an enormous bonus for me. It’s a great invention and I wish your company well in the future.


- Ann

“It’s made a noticeable difference in stopping cold wind from blowing down the chimney, we have started using the room a lot more now”

- Jackie, Cockermouth

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