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Our original and best-selling product, a Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping heat in and cold draughts out. Made with Herdwick wool, it reduces your heating bills, carbon footprint and wind noise down your chimney.

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With every purchase you make at Chimney Sheep, a proportion of the profits go towards our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, which surprise surprise, buys land and plants trees! It helps us help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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Make small, easy, environmentally sustainable changes to your lifestyle with our selection of Eco Products. From laundry to gardening and everything in between, you’ll be living a little ‘greener’ in no time!

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People love Chimney Sheep

Thanks for responding so quickly and positively Taylor, much appreciated, can’t wait any longer to get my Laundry Mac in operation!   I am also thinking about a Chimney Sheep, and need to measure.

Love my garden snail ornament, works well, so glad i found your website.

- Anonymous

The pad was simple and took a negligible period of time to install. What was the coldest room in my flat quickly warmed up and fell into line with the others. I have rarely been conscious that there’d been such a draught. It didn’t take me long to realise that the temperature throughout my home had risen.
As a consequence I am using the room more and can say with a smirk that I have a ‘sheep in my chimney’. I wished I’d know about you years ago!
Julian, Nottingham

- Julian

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