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Our original and best-selling product, a Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping heat in and cold draughts out. Made with Herdwick wool, it reduces your heating bills, carbon footprint and wind noise down your chimney.

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Buy Land, Plant Trees

With every purchase you make at Chimney Sheep, a proportion of the profits go towards our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, which surprise surprise, buys land and plants trees! It helps us help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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Make small, easy, environmentally sustainable changes to your lifestyle with our selection of Eco Products. From laundry to gardening and everything in between, you’ll be living a little ‘greener’ in no time!

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People love Chimney Sheep

“We have used the chimney sheep both in our house and in our holiday cottages. The concept of a wool product to insulate a chimney we found intriguing and wonderfully simple. Firstly we found it effective and it stopped unpleasant draughts in our windy part of the world. Secondly we immediately noticed the difference in temperature when the sheep was up the chimney. It is easy to use and our guests loved the idea of Herdwick wool being used as a chimney insulation.”

- Bob & Diedre, Keswick

Absolutely delighted with my chimney sheep- my daughter is finally getting a good night sleep without the howling chimney keeping her awake.

- Vanessa

Thank you so very much for all your help and efforts on my behalf. We are delighted with the things we have already bought and will make great use of the huge quantities that will be coming soon.
All best wishes

- William

Thank you very much for your email and placing our order. We received our little sheep and it is proving extremely useful. Kind regards and thank you again.

- Vicky

My chimney is 100m from the sea in East Yorkshire, also exposed. I could feel the warm air being sucked-up the chimney when the fire wasn’t lit (when I have to do inconvenient things like going to work). My chimney sheep is now a member of the family – and the most fiscally responsible as it turns-out :-)

- John

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