Aries Midge and Mosquito repellent for skin and textiles


Midges, mosquitoes and other biting insects don’t just home in on exposed skin – around 40% of insect bites are through textiles. This natural insect repellent can be sprayed onto skin and textiles to give up to 6 hours of protection.

We’ve had the Anti Muck (anti mosquito) spray imported from Germany. It contains Geraniol, a primary component of rose oil, palmarosa oil and citronella oil, which is effective at deterring most flying biting insects. If you’ve been the victim of insect bites you will know that they can bite or sting through fabric as well as directly onto exposed skin. This repellent is designed to be applied to fabrics, though it is safe to use directly on skin as well. For all outdoors activities when you’re likely to come into contact with biting insects, Aries anti mosquito textile spray is the ultimate natural deterrent. Give everything you are wearing a good squirt and you will smell loathsome to insects for a good six hours. The great thing about it is that it is made from natural ingredients so it’s kind to the environment, kind to your skin and clothes, and we think it smells nice too. We’d wear it as perfume. Well, that’s going a bit far, but we’ll consider anything rather than get bitten every time we go out to water the trees.

Active ingredient: 2.94g / 100g geraniol

Application: shake well before use. Generously spray onto skin and textiles from a distance of 10 – 20cm. Suitable for clothing, headgear, shoes, mosquito nets, tents, prams etc.

Keep out of reach of children.
Contains geraniol. Can cause allergic reactions.
For delicate textiles, first test at an unobtrusive spot.
Disposal: Packaging must be completely emptied and must be disposed of properly