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Hessian Coffee Sack

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Hessian Coffee Sack


These Hessian Coffee Sacks are a great, natural alternative to plastic that are perfect for storing and transporting raw vegetables such as potatoes and onions. They’re strong enough to store up to 69kg and measure roughly 67cm x 100cm.

Are you an avid gardener? Use these coffee sacks to collect up any organic waste in your garden such as leaves or soil and the 100% biodegradable fabric means that the whole lot can be turned into compost.

Not only is hessian great for gardeners, but it’s also a fantastic material for more creative people and is widely used for upcycling – like being made into pillowcases and used as seat covers!

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Why use a recycled coffee sack?

Here at Chimney Sheep we’re all for anything natural or environmentally friendly. We LOVE these Hessian Coffee Sacks. Hessian is a natural fabric made from the jute plant. Hessian Coffee Sacks are durable, breathable, reusable, affordable and if you eventually decide you don’t need them anymore, they’re 100% biodegradable!

What can I use them for?

The reusable Hessian Coffee Sacks have SO many uses, probably more than you could imagine!

The natural jute sacks are fully compostable, making them good to use when collecting natural waste from the garden like leaves and soil – if you don’t want to empty it you can just throw the whole thing onto the compost heap!

Another great use for the coffee sacks is to transport and store raw vegetables like potatoes and onions. The natural hessian sack is highly breathable while also shielding the veg from light, meaning you can store it for longer.

If you’re a particularly arty or creative person, you can upcycle them or reuse them for something else! Many people use them for things like pillowcases and seat covers to spruce up an older piece of furniture or just to give it a new look. If you’re really good you can make them into tote bags or aprons! Some other cool ideas we’ve seen people use them for are:

  • dog beds – simple enough, just fill them up with a soft material and sew them closed – they look great too!
  • lampshades – the tricky part here will be cutting it to the right shape and size, but once you have all you need to do is secure it to the lampshade rings
  • posters or wall art – many people like the rustic look of the coffee sacks and either stretch them around a wooden frame, show them off behind glass in a large photo frame style, or just pin them up on the wall

Does Chimney Sheep use them? 

Yes, we do – and we absolutely LOVE them!

We use them for a range of things including:

  • Coffee Sack Hessian Door Draught Excluder – this is designed to stop draughts from creeping under doors and will fit most door frames. We’ve filled them ourselves with washed Herdwick wool direct from the Lake District. Not only does it work, but it looks great too!
  • As packaging for our Felt Garden Mulch Shillies – the Hessian Coffee Sacks help us to keep our felt shillies plastic free and because the sack is 100% biodegradable, it can also be used as extra mulch for your plants – how amazing is that?!
  • Our jute mulch mats are made from recycled coffee sacks, so not quite the reusable type of sack you might be after, but they’re made from them all the same! They’re great for helping to create a natural barrier against weeds and reduce the competition for water and nutrients, helping your plants grow big and strong!

Tell me a bit more about the Hessian Coffee Sacks 

We source the Hessian Coffee Sacks from a local, Cumbrian coffee roasters – Carvetii Coffee. The sacks vary according to the type of coffee and where it has been shipped from. They’ve been cut open from either the top or the bottom, and might be a bit grubby from their travels (they’ve likely been at least half way around the world before they get to you!). We can’t guarantee which designs you will get, but we will try to send you the best sacks we have at the time.

We would suggest hanging the coffee sack in fresh air if you want to try and remove any remaining odours, but if you do want to wash them, hand wash them in cool, soapy water (use a gentle soap) and hang to dry. Wash separately and don’t wring them out as they can shed fibres.

The Hessian Coffee Sacks are approximately 67cm (W) x 100cm (L) and can hold up to 69kg.



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