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Loft Lid Downlight Cover

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Loft Lid Downlight Cover

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Are you on the hunt for a Loft Lid Downlight Cover that does its job, without affecting your ability to position insulation around downlights? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fire retardant downlight cover that’s easy to install, even when close to roof joists and trusses? Whatever the issue, you’ll soon be wondering why you hadn’t invested in a Chimney Sheep Loft Lid Downlight Cover earlier.

Designed to act as a protective, fire retardant barrier, the downlight insulation cover, not only allows for safe downlight installation, but also ensures that your loft space remains as energy efficient as possible.

What are the benefits of using a Loft Lid Downlight Cover?

  • Fire Safe~ Chimney Sheep fire retardant downlight covers, create a protective barrier around downlights, to ensure that your loft insulation does not come into direct contact with the lights. This prevents overheating, ensures that there is adequate ventilation around the lights for heat dissipation and more importantly, prevents the occurrence of fire.
  • Energy Efficient~ The downlight protector allows for a continuous layer of insulation to be safely placed over the top of it, thus helping to eliminate the loss of valuable heat into your loft space.
  • Easy Installation~ A unique shape allows for the downlight protector to be easily installed into all lofts, even when the downlights are close to roof trusses and joists. What’s more? The downlight cover provides a sufficient volume to fit all major brands of downlights, with up to a maximum power rating of 50W.
  • Airtight Cover~ The Loft Lid Downlight Cover will create an airtight seal around your downlights, which works as an effective barrier to dust, pests and insects.


Are Fire Retardant Downlight Covers safe to use?

Yes, our Loft Lid Downlight Covers are incredibly safe to use and will only make your home even safer. Made and manufactured in the UK, they have been successfully tested and approved to BS EN60598, BS EN60695 and IP6X.

Recently reviewed by DIY Doctor, they expressed: “we are very impressed with the Loft Lid. It will do exactly what it is supposed to do in a safe and efficient way”.

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18 reviews for Loft Lid Downlight Cover

  1. Billy

    Does exactly what its suppost to!

    Sturdy build, great value, probably the best fire rated cover going.

  2. leon knight

    Upside down bucket

    Run a bead of sealant around the bottom for a semi perminant fix. Allows loft boarding to be placed over the top. Simple but functional.

  3. niall

    High quality.. great support

    Covers my downlighters feels like a high quality product. Had a slight issue with the delivery which was promptly rectified. Many thanks!!

  4. Robert Corrigan

    Five Stars

    Good shape with plenty of room for light fitting

  5. Mr D.W. Bond

    Excellent product

    This is a sturdy product with sufficient head room to accommodate the control gear for the lamp. I discovered that the electrician who fitted the lamps to my refurbished shower room 14 months ago, failed to fit lids. On changing a bulb I get fine fiberglass falling into the room, not nice to breath in. After clearing away the blown in fiberglass I fitted the lids and intend fitting rolls of insulation over the lids.

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