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Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer Pads – Pack of 3

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Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer Pads – Pack of 3

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These heavy-duty scourer pads are a kitchen sink must have! They are perfect for tough cleaning and stubborn washing up tasks, making them fast and easy. We’ve used them many a time on baking trays and empty porridge bowls with great success.

These heavy-duty scourers are made of 97% recycled fibres so are an easy swap you can make in your home to help minimise your impact on the environment!

Pack of 3

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What’s the best way to use the Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer Pads?

These Heavy Duty Scourer Pads are ideal for cleaning tough baked-on messes – think baking trays and tins. We also like to use them on crockery that has ‘cemented’ bits on them! They have been created for you to use again and again and won’t disintegrate after a few washes like cheaper products.

They’re really easy to use too. Just wet the scourer with a squirt of your favourite washing up liquid, scrub and rinse! One little word of warning – these scourers have been designed for the toughest of cleaning jobs so they’re not suitable for use on non-stick surfaces or delicate glassware. If you’re looking for something a little more gentle, try our EcoForce Recycled Quilted Multipurpose Cloths instead. We have other recycled cleaning products too – browse the range here.


What makes these Heavy Duty Scourer Pads more environmentally friendly than others?

97% of the fibres in these scourer pads are made from recycled materials, including a mixture of pre and post-consumer waste.

Every year tonnes of perfectly good foam that’s leftover from making “conventional” scourers ends up in landfill. If it ends up in landfill then it usually ends up bobbing about in the oceans. This is the kind of pointless waste that is completely irritating. Easy-Do saw an opportunity in this problem, and created a simple and effective solution: make even better scourers out of the waste!


Why is it important to use recycled materials?

We are all pretty well-versed on the importance of recycling where we can and reducing our use of single-use plastics. It reduces the volume of waste that goes into landfill, blown into the ocean en route to landfill sites, conserves resources and reduces the amount of energy used producing items from virgin materials (to name a few reasons!).

But once we recycle what do we do? Well, think about it. If we dutifully recycle materials but continue to use virgin materials, then what’s the point of recycling it in the first place? If we don’t buy products made of recycled materials they will soon pile up into more unwanted waste or get burned.

So instead, we should try and buy products made with recycled materials to make all our dutiful recycling worth it! Doing this is called ‘closing the loop’ (the loop being the three arrows on the recycling logo) and helps to create a more circular economy with less waste. Our recycled aluminum foil and recycled plastic products use the same principle! You can read more about plastic and how we should be using it in one of our blog posts, here. 

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    scoury pads

    good value, works well

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