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Recycled Plastic Peg Basket and Pegs

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Recycled Plastic Peg Basket and Pegs

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Hanging your laundry outside costs nothing, keeps damp out of your house and is an easy way to reduce your energy consumption – but we’ve all experienced the frustration of seeing our clean clothes blow off the line! Try this Recycled Plastic Peg Basket & Pegs for something with a little more grip.

This product comes in either blue or pink. If you would like a specific colour, please make a note at checkout. Otherwise, we’ll choose and you’ll get a lovely surprise when you open your parcel!

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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We’re big fans of making the laundry easier and that’s where the EcoForce Recycled Plastic Peg Basket and Pegs come into their own.

What makes them great?

They have a strong hurricane force grip, don’t have springs that can break, and won’t leave peg stains on your washing.

EcoForce Peg Basket and Pegs are made of 93% recycled plastic that is UV stable, so they don’t crack after being exposed to sunlight, and they’re frost proof too.

They are created from a mixture of pre and post consumer waste which saves oil, energy and product miles used in manufacturing virgin plastic. Did you know making recycled plastic uses 70% less energy than making virgin plastic?

I like drying laundry outside but I don’t like the weather!

Using the EcoForce Recycled Peg Basket and Pegs alongside our Laundry Mac™, which keeps your washing line under cover on rainy days, means you can dry your clothes outside at any time of year. The Laundry Mac™ is available in large and regular to fit different sizes of rotary clothes lines – make sure you buy a clothes prop if you haven’t already got one to ensure the rainwater all runs away.

What else makes this product greener?

By using Ecoforce pegs you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet and it will help you run a greener home, saving you money at the same time. Each load of washing in a tumble drier can release up to 2.6kg in CO2, and there’s obviously going to be a positive impact on your electricity bill too. Find out more about that from the Energy Saving Trust.

And, don’t forget, by putting your washing on the line, you’re keeping damp out of your house too.

Don’t need the peg basket? If it’s just a new stock of recycled pegs you want, we have those too. Have a look here.




14 reviews for Recycled Plastic Peg Basket and Pegs

  1. Yvette McGarry

    pegs and basket

    nice and bright, recycle material, good value

  2. A

    Eco force pegs and basket

    The pegs grip well and don’t have anything that rusts so can be left out. Have had one of these baskets for six years and it’s been outside all the time, but I dropped itand the handle broke, so needed a replacement.

  3. Ms. Sarah L. Herbert

    Recycled plastic has a big thumbs up

    Nice and sturdy holds plenty of pegs

  4. Mrs Shelley Amin

    Great value

    Great that it hangs on line. Easy to clean as plastic.
    If it’s really windy may sometimes find the odd pegs on the grass. However that’s pretty much the same with all peg baskets unless they have a lid

  5. jayne keightley

    Smaller than you think

    This was way small than i thought but i guess if you only have 24 pegs you will br ok

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