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Ruby -Woolly Felted Dog – handcrafted and fair trade

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

Ruby -Woolly Felted Dog – handcrafted and fair trade


Here at Chimney Sheep – we love dogs almost as much as we love sheep! In fact a large majority of our employees own at least one dog!

Ruby the woolly felted dog is made from 100% natural materials and dyes, and has been handcrafted in Nepal!

Every single woolly felted animal is natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly!

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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All our felted animals – including our fantastic woolly felted dog Ruby are made from natural materials. In fact they’re made from 100% wool!

All our woolly felted animals are fair trade, biodegradable and completely natural- they have all been ethically sourced.

Each woolly felted animal has been handcrafted using a technique that’s been passed down through generations, this means every product is a little bit unique.


Why is your woolly felted dog named Ruby?

Well at first you might think this is because of her ruby-red scarf. But this cute little felted dog is actually named after a pup called Ruby everyone here at Chimney Sheep knows and loves. Ruby the (real) dog has such a big and bouncy personality, when we saw this fun little felted dog we couldn’t not name it after her!


Fun facts about real dogs:

Everyone knows a dogs nose should be wet – but did you know this is because it’s to help them absorb scents ?

Around 30% of Dalmation dogs are deaf in at least one ear.

More than half of all US presidents have owned at least one dog – and more than half of the staff that work at Chimney Sheep do too !

It’s estimated that there are 600 million dogs in the world.

Sadly it is estimated that 400 million out of the 600 million are strays.

Here are some more facts just in case you’re interested!


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