Woolly Felted Hedgehog- handcrafted and fair trade


This Woolly Felted Hedgehog is absolutely adorable! It would look brilliant hung up in any fireplace or on any wall in your home.

All our woolly felted animals are handcrafted in Nepal by a team of workers paid a fair wage.

All the materials in our Woolly Felted Hedgehog are 100% natural and sustainable, and qualify as a Plastic Free Present.

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Isn’t our Woolly Felted Hedgehog absolutely adorable ?!

This lovely Woolly Felted Hedgehog has been handcrafted in Nepal by workers paid a fair wage.

All our woolly  felted animals are made from 100% sheep’s wool – a completely natural and sustainable material. All the dyes used are sustainable too!

Each and every hedgehog is a little bit unique – this is because they’re totally handmade.


Why the Woolly Felted Hedgehog? What’s so good about hedgehogs?

Here at Chimney Sheep we think hedgehogs are pretty awesome – they do a lot of good for the environment – and they’re a sign that you have a healthy local biodiversity.

If you’ve got a large amount of hedgehogs in your local area, it’s a sign that your local ecosystem is healthy – hedgehogs feed off invertebrates and plants – so if the hedgehog population is thriving it must mean that there’s a lot of food to go around! So lots of yummy bugs and insects!

If you don’t have many hedgehogs – it might be a sign your local biodiversity is low . We recommend planting native plants and trees to help rectify this. Check out our seed bombs for just one idea on how to help!

Hedgehogs are generally pretty cool animals anyway – they help keep the local bug population under control, as well as eating slugs and snails, that may have otherwise eaten your garden.

Did you know –

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant – so don’t give them milk!

They make little snuffling noises – just like mini hogs!

Hedgehogs have approximately 5000 spines! This helps protect them against predators.

Hedgehogs are immune to adder venom ! This comes in handy because they can eat small snakes as well as bugs.

Sadly hedgehog numbers are declining, and they need all the help they can get. Something as simple as a hedgehog hole at the bottom of the fence means they can get from garden to garden to have a big enough territory for their requirements. And please never ever use poisonous slug pellets! The hedgehogs will eat the poisoned slugs and die an agonising death. If you can encourage hedgehogs you won’t need slug pellets anyway.

Want to know more about hedgehogs? Check out this!