Anti Moth spray with Neem


Anti-Moth with Neem extract deters clothes moths and prevents larvae infestation with the active ingredient azadirachtin, which is extracted from the seeds of the Indian neem tree. It is also effective against other textile-destroying insects. It is also very effective against mildew infestation on plants.

In the fight against clothes moths in the home, Anti Moth Spray with Neem is an important item in your armory. It is part of the DETER phase, either to stop moths entering the home and your wardrobe in the first place, or after a thorough de-mothing, prevents them coming back. The Lavender Moth Protection is a gorgeously scented wardrobe hanger that will discourage moths from entering, but the Neem Anti Moth spray is a way of protecting your most precious wool / silk / fur / feather items by treating each item individually.

How to use Anti Moth spray with Neem

Simply spray onto items you want to protect, including the underneath of carpets, the underside of jacket collars, your favourite taxidermied animal, the back of wall tapestries, inside musical instruments, etc. Moths lay their eggs in dark undisturbed locations. You have to be cunning and think like a moth to anticipate where to deploy this spray effectively. The front of a woollen wall hanging is exposed to the light, but that lovely dark space behind the hanging against the wall would be a perfect place for the babies to hatch, especially if it’s an old wall and a little bit damp.  Likewise with wool rugs – think reverse side of rug or under the sofa – and remember old clothes stored in the loft or cellar.

The treatment remains repellent to moths for up to six months, after which it is recommended to re-spray everything. Clothes moths and other textile-eating insects can remain active throughout the year, although they are most active between June and October.

Can Neem spray be used against mildew on plants?

Absolutely it can! Some of my tree babies were badly affected by mildew this year. Not only does it look unsightly but it caused the leaves to rot off. I tried various natural remedies including cider vinegar without much success. Then I tried the neem spray and within 24 hours the mildew was gone. So I totally recommend this for combatting mildew. Just remember it is a powerful insect repellent. If the plants you are treating are in pots then it’s recommended to move them indoors temporarily or at least away from flowering plants. It won’t kill insects but it will put them off visiting until the smell has dissipated.


Sadly this product can only be sent within the UK. It’s a pump action spray can but it’s pressurized so it’s classed as hazardous which makes it tricky to send by plane in small quantities.