Regular Laundry Mac™ outdoor laundry protector


The Laundry Mac™ is a deceptively simple but effective way of protecting your laundry from showers when it’s hanging on a rotary dryer (whirligig!). It is a large circle of waterproof, breathable fabric with weights around the edge, that fastens onto three-armed and four-armed rotary dryers. It is propped in the centre so that water runs off. It is literally like putting a waterproof coat over your laundry, protecting it from rain showers and enabling you to get your laundry dried outside whatever the weather.

You’ll need a clothes prop to push it up in the centre. We don’t sell you stuff you don’t need, so if you’ve already got a clothes prop or a rotary dryer with a raised pole in the centre then you just need to buy the Laundry Mac™. If you haven’t got a prop then you’ll need to add one to your basket or pop to your local homeware shop. They’re awkward things to post so a lot of the cost is in the post and packaging!

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  • One size fits all up to 2.5m
  • Diameter – 91.5″ (232 cm)
  • Easy to fit, easy to remove
  • Give your laundry that fresh outdoors smell
  • Reduce damp in the home
  • Save money on costly tumble drier bills

How does the Laundry Mac™ work?

A Laundry Mac™ is going to be your friend come rain or shine for many years to come….it’s very easy to use, it just needs the rubber bands fitting correctly the first time you use it then it’s ready to flip over your laundry at a moment’s notice. Hang your washing out on the dryer, flip the Laundry Mac™ over the top, loop the elastic bands over the ends of the dryer and prop it in the centre using the clothes prop provided.

Can I put my Laundry Mac™ out in windy weather?

If it’s gale force winds then it’s not advisable. The Laundry Mac can cope with strong breezy conditions but if the wind is trying to rip the laundry from the line then having a Laundry Mac™ over it is going to make the whole thing take off and land in the neighbours’ garden along with the trampolines and other garden clutter.

I usually use XCWeather for my laundry forecast. If the wind speed gets up to orange, it’s best off waiting until the wind dies down. Any other conditions are fine!

What if it is horizontal rain?

The Laundry Mac™ works best in vertical rain alternated with sunshine type conditions. If you can imagine wearing a raincoat on a really windy wet day then you’re going to get wet legs. But those days when you wear a raincoat and your legs stay dry are the days when your Laundry Mac™ will let your laundry flap and dry outside happily.

What if the air outside is damp?

Sometimes there are very high humidity conditions, in which case it’s literally impossible for laundry to get completely dry. However it will still get a bit dryer outside. It’s still worth hanging it out with the Laundry Mac™. You can either leave it outside for a bit longer in case conditions improve, or bring it in a little bit damp. If you’re clever at folding, you can lay it in the airing cupboard or on the radiator airer and it will get even flatter, reducing the amount of ironing you need to do.

What is the Laundry Mac™ made of?

Although incredibly simple, the Laundry Mac™ is made of durable high quality functional materials. The fabric is a breathable, waterproof fabric that protects laundry from rain but enables vapour to evaporate off the damp laundry through the fabric. There are heavy weights stitched into the perimeter of the Mac so it hangs around the side and doesn’t blow about in the wind. And the eyelets are made of quality rust-proof brass.

What do I do with my Laundry Mac™ when it’s not in use?

Hang it somewhere (anywhere you’d hang a wet coat) to dry then fold it away in the neat little drawstring bag it comes in.

Why use a Laundry Mac™?

Drying laundry in the home can lead to problems with damp as well as being unsightly and inconvenient. Tumble dryers use a lot of energy and are expensive to run. Laundry dries best and smells best when it can flap outdoors, but there is nothing worse than having nearly-dry laundry soaked by an unexpected shower. The Laundry Mac™ protects clothes from rain and enables you to get your washing dried outside whatever the weather.

What does damp air do to the home?

Damp air causes various problems, including the growth of rot and mould.

How does damp air affect our health?

Mould caused by damp produces allergens, irritants, and sometimes, toxic substances. These can cause health problems or exacerbate existing ones.

How much water is evaporated from a typical load of laundry?

A typical load weighs around 4 kilos when it goes in and 6 kilos when it comes out – that’s about 2 litres of water that needs to be evaporated out. If it hangs in your home, that is a whole lot of water that needs to find its way out somewhere, or be absorbed into the fabric of the home.