Mottlock Clothes Moth pheromone sticky trap refill pack


Do all moths eat clothes?

No way! There are thousands of species of moth and only three of these eat woollen garments in the UK. Clothes moths are actually very useful out in the wild as they eat owl pellets, old nests and other things that would take a lot longer to biodegrade if the moth larvae didn’t help. The pheromone trap only attracts clothes moths, so it gives an indication of whether the moths you see in the home are in fact clothes moths or other species. If the trap isn’t attracting them then they’re not guilty. Just make sure you place the trap somewhere away from any moth deterrents you have in the home as this will give Mr Moth cognitive dissonance if he detects both together. He will scent the irresistible lure of a female moth wanting to mate, coupled with the (to him) revolting stink of lavender and be at a complete loss as to which direction to fly in.


Your Mottlock Clothes Moth Box pheromone sticky trap will last for around three months, after which it will stop giving off its scent of a beautiful lady moth to male moths in the area. If you have de-mothed your house then you will need to keep the moth trap charged with fresh pheromones in order to keep the males out of the breeding cycle, and to keep an eye on moth populations in your home.