Sheep’s Wool Garden Felt – 100% Natural


Produced in Yorkshire, our 100% natural sheep’s wool garden felt is one of our most popular gardening products and can definitely be crowned as our most versatile. It is pretty special (if we do say so ourselves!) as it is made with a thick, dense layer of wool and a layer of jute carrier material. Many other wool underlays use a plastic carrier material which isn’t as forgiving and when broken down can leave microplastics in the soil.

The unique combination of the sheep’s wool and the jute means that our garden felt is:

  • The perfect mulch for you ‘no dig’ enthusiasts
  • Dense– crucial for keeping those pesky weeds away and keeping plants protected!
  • Textured and woolly which will deter slugs and snails
  • Hygroscopic which means that it absorbs moisture but releases it slowly, so your plants won’t need watering as often (hooray!)
  • Full of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate which naturally occurs in the wool and helps with strong, healthy plant growth
  • An excellent growing medium – roots love burrowing their way into it
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable within about a year so completely and utterly environmentally friendly

The felt is 1.4m wide and is priced per linear metre. For example, if you placed an order of five, you would receive a piece of wool felt measuring 5m x 1.4m. If you’d like to order more than 15m of felt, or you’re an international customer please get in touch and we’ll provide you with our best quote!

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What exactly can I use your 100% natural sheep’s wool garden felt for?

The list is endless! Customers are always telling us about a new way they have used our sheep’s wool garden felt but here are a few of our favourite ways:

  • Mulching areas of a garden or allotment for a ‘no-dig’ method of gardening
  • Creating new beds without digging out turf by using the felt to cover areas of grass or weeds and topping it with compost
  • Using it when planting out a vegetable patch to protect against weeds, slugs and snail infestations
  • Keeping delicate plants protected and warm in the winter
  • Tied around roots balls of trees to protect them when transplanted
  • Capillary matting in plant pots
  • As a base layer for propagating seeds indoors

Want more information on some of those methods? Keep reading! We’ve detailed each method of using our garden felt below (you can thank us later).


Using the sheep’s wool garden felt for mulching in ‘no dig’ gardening…

Cover your required area with the 100% natural sheep’s wool gardening felt and, well, that’s it. The wool and jute combination will inhibit weed growth and will also retain water due to its hygroscopic qualities. The felt lasts about a year, over which time it will slowly compost down and release valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphate into the soil.

Want to know more about the ‘no dig’ method of gardening? Head over to Charles Dowding’s website (aka the King of No Dig) to get the lowdown.


Using the felt for developing new beds without digging…

There is nothing worse than spending days digging out turf to create a new veg patch or ornamental bed. Well, dig no more.

To create a new bed, simply lay our garden felt onto the area of grass/weeds you want to start the bed and put a good thick layer of compost over the felt – we love using our cocopeat compost and mixing it with our organic sheep wool pellets for the ultimate compost – then start planting. It really is as easy as that.

The roots of the plants you sow will push through the felt, down into the soil. The wool and jute combination will smother the grass and weeds sufficiently enough so that they die back and rot away long before the wool felt composts down and releases its wonderful nutrients into the soil.


Using the sheep’s wool garden felt to protect vegetable patches against weeds, slugs and snail infestations…

All you have to do is lay the felt over the area you want protected and cut hole in the felt to pop the plants through. Bob’s your Uncle!

Lots of our customers are commercial gardeners and horticulturalists who want to cultivate produce without using chemical weed control and out gardening felt does just that by smothering them. The texture of the wool is hated by slugs and snails so is great for keeping them at bay too.


Using the felt to keep delicate plants warm and protected in the winter…

The garden felt can be used as a duvet (for plants, not people). You can wrap the felt round your pots to make a cosy home for the plants, layer it over the roots for a bit of extra warmth or go crazy and layer it over entire plants to keep them snug and warm during the winter!


Using the sheep’s wool garden felt to protect root balls when transplanting trees…

Trees are delicate things, gentle giants really, and rely on the eco-system of fungi that develop around its root system. If they are transplanted without this support network it is difficult for them to extract all the nutrients they need, and can perish which is not what we want!

Our 100% natural sheep’s wool garden felt can help with this. Place the tree or plant to be transplanted onto the biodegradable felt and cut a generous square that will comfortably wrap the entire root ball. Use jute or similar biodegradable twine to bind it all together, and plant the lot ensuring that the tree isn’t planted deeper than the level of soil that it has started with. The felt will retain the soil it’s grown up and won’t ‘shock’ it. The wool and jute will retain water to nourish the tree in its early days, and slowly biodegrade releasing valuable nutrients into the soil which will allow the roots to penetrate deeper into the surrounding soil as it grows.


Using the felt as capillary matting…

Capillary matting is an excellent way of using water efficiently in the garden or greenhouse. Have you noticed that sometimes when you water your pots, the water gushes straight through? This is often worst with drier plants, exacerbating the problem since the water escapes rather than soaking into the soil.

If you stand your pots on the natural felt, the matting absorbs the water that leaks out and with it being hygroscopic it will hold onto the water. The small holes in the base of the pot enable the moisture to slowly be reabsorbed back into the compost in the pot, ensuring that your plants get a steady supply of moisture rather than soaking-and-drying.


Using the sheep’s wool garden felt to propagate seeds…

Did you ever grow cress on paper towels? If you haven’t you should give it a go, it’s fun! Growing seeds on large pieces of felt takes the process up a whole gear and gives your little seeds the perfect start to life!

Plant your seeds within the sheep’s wool felt and let them germinate and grow a little bit. You can pull off the pieces of wool where there plant is and then plant them outside! Or just plant the whole piece into a bed for instant cover.

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