Seed bomb kit – makes 20 – 30 bombs


Bring out the inner guerrilla and chuck a seed bomb wherever you feel the need for seed. This seed bomb kit contains a packet of humus, a packet of clay and a packet of seeds, with instructions, providing enough materials for 20 – 30 seed balls.

All the ingredients are packaged in sustainable greaseproof paper (from If You Care), and enclosed in a pretty recycled cardboard box. This qualifies it for Plastic Free Present status.

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Brighten the world around you with some home-made seed bombs! The mixture of clay and soil will dry out to preserve the seeds in perfect conditions to burst into life when they are lobbed into barren areas that could do with seeding with wildflowers. On contact with rainwater the clay-and soil mix will soften, the seeds will germinate, and within a few weeks the space will transform into a beautiful space for wildlife.

The seed bomb kit contains seeds of marigold, cornflower, poppy, sunflower and mallow. You can even add your own seeds into the mix. These hardy wildflowers will attract bees and butterflies, and turn neglected areas into mini nature havens.

Of course you can make your own seed bombs using natural clay, compost and wildflower seeds. Seed balls have been a recognised technique for successful germination of strong plants for millennia. Masanobu Fukuoka brought seed balls to the world’s attention when he wrote The One Straw Revolution, detailing the success he had with no-till methods of agriculture and the effectiveness of seed balls. Seed balls become seed bombs when adopted by the urban guerrilla and chucked into places that will brighten and blossom from an area of dereliction to a wildlife haven.

Make the seed bombs according to the instructions below and simply chuck them where you want them to grow. The kit contains sufficient ingredients for 20 – 30 bombs. The success of the seeds will depend a bit on the soil they land on, so try to throw them somewhere that looks like it will support wild flowers if given the chance.Instructions:

1/ Put the topsoil, clay and seeds into a bowl and mix them thoroughly.

2/ measure out 50ml of water and mix it in.

3/ take a small amount of the mix and roll it into a ball about 2cm across.

4/ leave them to dry somewhere at a temperature of around 25°. Keep them in the dark so they don’t germinate early. Try to make sure they stay evenly moist while drying out – rotate them a bit if you need to.

That’s it, you’re ready to go! Try to launch the bombs between March and June, when they stand the best chance of germinating and growing.

Ingredients: Clay powder, humus and soil mix (approved for organic gardening) bee-friendly organically approved seeds

Guerrilla gardening is great but every guerrilla must take responsibility for his or her actions when taking action in public spaces.