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G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent

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G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent

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Our slug pellet alternative is a natural and environmentally-friendly slug deterrent. It will deter slugs and snails from eating your foliage without killing them. Grazers G2 is an organic and safe way to deter these garden pests.


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Needing a slug pellet alternative? Slugs and snails have an important role to play in our gardens, but they can also wreak havoc on our precious plants. Replace your slug pellets with Grazers G2 Slug & Snail Deterrent will help prevent damage while protecting wildlife at the same time.

How can I stop slugs and snails eating my plants?

Spraying your plants with Grazers G2 Slug & Snail Deterrent will help protect them from being damaged by these common garden pests. The solution lasts for around six weeks. It makes the plant taste bitter to the animals and birds that would usually eat it, which means they leave it alone. As well as deterring pests, the solution also enhances growth and strengthens the plant so, by applying this product, you’re helping the plant to help itself.

How are G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent a natural slug pellet alternative?

Synthetic products such as slug pellets, pose a serious threat to the environment and can get into the food chain. Grazers G2 is an environmentally friendly, natural slug pellet alternative that deters pests without killing them leaving the pests healthy for consumption by their own natural predators.

Is this formula harmful to humans or pets?

No. It’s totally safe to use in areas used by children and pets as the main ingredient is a form of calcium, which is harmless to people and animals. It’s suitable for both edible and ornamental plants, but it’s recommended that you wait a week after treatment before harvesting plants that are to be eaten as it could affect the taste.

Is there anything else I can do to tackle this problem?

Yes. Grazers 2 doesn’t kill the pests, it just puts them off eating the plants, so it’s important to improve the biodiversity in your garden to encourage their natural predators. We sell a range of homes for wildlife and bird food too. Useful information about slugs and snails is available from Friends of the Earth.

Does Chimney Sheep sell any other natural pest control products?

Yes. We stock natural moth repellents, as well as sprays to put off other garden pests. Have a look at our list.


25 reviews for G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent

  1. B. McHenry

    interesting approach to slug and snail control.

    Flavour, what do you mean? (? in survey), The snails and slugs ignored the spray and continued to get fat on my veggies. Because of the heavy rainfall I dont think the spray had a fair chance to work. Also possibly I did not follow instructions precisely. Will continue to test it though. Here’s hoping it is the cure for invasion of Ss & Ss.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Jury still out on this one

    Have used a complete bottle but still a lot of plant damage from slugs and snails

  3. B M Keating

    Works OK but is washed away by the rain. P

    This product is certainly easy to use and seems effective. Safe for use as we have a young dog, but once it rains, has to be reapplied. And all the rain we’ve had, the slugs are flourishing.

  4. Grace B

    Seems to be working !

    Before I used this product the slugs in my garden were making their way through my flowers and vegetables. Since using it… it seems to be working! I spray the leaves on my plants every 7 days and so far it seems like there is way less damage than before from slugs and snails. The only plants that seem to still be taking hits are my potato plants, but that may be because I didn’t spray their leaves enough. As far as produce flavour is concerned I don’t see any problems either, but I didn’t really try them before I sprayed the plants.
    I’m going to continue to use this product as I’ve had good results so far. (Side note: I have gone through almost the whole bottle in about 4 weeks.)




  6. angela

    A good support

    Warm damp weather is an open invitation to the raised bed. This year I have planted potaties with the sweet corn and it seems ‘companion’ planting plus an organic spray is a good deterrent.

  7. Mr AJO Sennett

    Slug repellent pet frendly.

    Pet friendly still slugs are hardy things would buy again
    Has helped .
    Size nine boot also employed

  8. Tina Madgwick

    Slug Snail preventer

    Well I sprayed this on my beans as the slugs and snails were having a great party on the beans, and had destroyed quite a few so thought we would give this a try, as its kind to birds and all insects as well as bees, and too my amazement it worked no sign of slugs or snails on my beans that night, also its safe to use on most veg etc, very pleased.

  9. cat woman

    works well

    I had a real problem with snails on the wall. They were eating all my climbing plants. Every day I was pulling loads off the wall and throwing them in the field.
    Since using the grazers spray on the plants and the wall they have all disappeared…hurrah!

  10. Dolly


    I used this on all my young bedding plants, all survived and are doing great. Excellent stuff worked a treat. I would definitely recommend.

  11. christine shaw


    A bit dubious about this originally but seems to be working. My hostess are growing and no sign of slug damage.

  12. ann

    Looking good at the moment!

    Last year my climbing Hydrangeas were almost destroyed, their leaves all eaten by snails. I hate using anything poisonous in the garden but this year I found this product which looks to be exactly what I needed, deterring slugs and snails without causing danger to other living creatures. I have applied it once and, so far so good, but it is early in the season so will have to wait and see, but I am hopeful. Only 4 stars at the moment! Will update this in the future when I can give a definite opinion.

  13. Rowena F.

    This works!

    Effective in deterring slugs but without the environmentally damaging effects of pellets.

  14. John D.

    Really works. Be patient.

    This slug deterrent appeared to work very well on plants that I sprayed. Plant needed spraying a few days in a row, having been almost annihilated by slugs it is now thriving.

    You’ll need a lot for whole garden.


    It worked!

    I used this for my cabbage, beans, peas. pots and toms and it worked. No damage at all to plants.

  16. Kindle Customer

    Does what it says

    Hostas and veg are doing well with this product well worth trying especially as it has no nasty chemicals.

  17. Amanda W

    Amazing results!

    I don’t write reviews very often but felt I had to for this product.
    I have tried so many methods over the years to protect my hosta ( copper tape, pellets, eggshells, beer traps) but nothing has worked. Then I tried this and I am absolutely amazed! I had one snail that hung around for the first few days and then, once I found and ‘relocated’ that little devil, not one more. I sprayed the hosta lightly every couple of days initially and now spray once a fornight or so. My hosta has never survived this long before. I will stick with Grazers from now on. It’s astonishing!

    G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent
  18. Sunny2907

    It was recommended so hope it works

    Only used it once so far. Its rained nearly every day so cant really see its effect at the moment

  19. Mrs. Pat

    A good product

    Although the plant is not yet in bloom, I am hopeful that the product will do exactly what it says. It covers well and does no damage.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Three Stars

    Seemed to help prevent the snails and slugs from eating my plants

  21. Craig R. Thompson

    Great for keeping snails and slugs from entering my home ...

    Great for keeping snails and slugs from entering my home after I spray some round my patio doors. Rain washes it away but until then it’s all good.

  22. Derek Dorling

    I began to use the product early in the Spring ...

    I began to use the product early in the Spring on hostas. It had some positivite effect but I believe I should have used it more frequently than I expected.

  23. art-deco-lover


    Really excellent. I removed snails from shrub and sprayed. Checked a week later and no snails. Checked another week later and still no snails. I had a terrible snail problem and they’ve all gone. Fantastic!

  24. Kathryn

    Promising cruelty-free way to keep slugs at bay

    It’s still early days, however I’m glad to say that the morning glory plant I put in to replace one that had been munched off at the base by slugs is going strong after treating with Grazers Slugs and Snails.

    I contacted the producers before placing my order and was glad to hear that the spray is free from animal by-products, so it’s a truly cruelty-free way to protect your precious plants.

  25. julie

    It's Ok

    I had high hopes for this product as I have been battering with slugs and snails in the garden. When first applied it seemed to work for a couple of days but the snails soon returned. Found I have had to use more and more to try and keep the pests at bay.

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